Tuesday, August 3, 2010

age of non-state actors?

my history sucks, but for awhile there, "nations" seemed to be in control of pretty much everything. this is opposed to previously, when "nation-states" were in control, or before that when "tribes" were running the show.

but now, wikileaks has the power to release huge amounts of data the united states would rather not be releaesed, google goes toe to toe with china over privacy concerns, and a bunch of guys in caves and rendered the largest military in the world pretty much useless. (dont read those sentences at face value, take my point).

so are we into some new age when non-state actors yield at least as much, if not more, power than actual nations?

there are plenty of people with way more knowledge on this kind of stuff than i have, it just occurred to me and i'm curious.

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