Wednesday, February 18, 2009

they're doing it wrong

i agree with the author of the article in the last 2 paragraphs. basically they're going about this process all wrong, and i'm very excited to see what happens when they finally figure that out and start getting it right.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fighting idealogues with... ideas?

what a concept!!

what if we had done this on a massive scale rather than invade a completely unrelated country?


A-Rod says drug use was a "stupid mistake"

no it wasnt. me checking in a bug that amounts to a typo is a stupid mistake. someone turning left instead of right and winding up late to work is a stupid mistake.

routinely deciding to take illegal drugs (or drugs which you strongly suspect are illegal) to enhance your performance is a conscious decision made repeatedly and idicative of a systemic and arguably cultural problem.

i dont really care about baseball, so i dont really care that they're all doping. but claiming its a stupid mistake is the exact same as everyone acting all surprised and pissed off; bullshit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

robots robot people

the daily show had a segment today on iRobot and how they're apparently making armed robots for the army. they also had a guy arguing for legislation on moral grounds restricting the efficacy of these robots.

to anyone who thinks armed robots might be a good idea, try to define the following terms:

1) gun
2) enemy
3) threat

good luck! can you do it in such a way that an innocent person never gets shot? (hint, the answer is no, nevermind pesky bugs)

i'm not against robots in combat by any means. but we should absolutely legislate (the UN i guess) and enforce non-lethal weapons on robots. and not even like tazors, i'm talking about that foam stuff that will glue their hands and feet together (so long as theres no way it suffucates them should it get on their face).

the UN already has laws in place about proportionality. 0% risk of loss of human life can not be proportional to non-0%, so seems like there's already grounds for such laws.