Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sounds like this guy rocks


excited to hear this coming from obama's team


Adrian said...

chu's pretty awesome. also now that republicans are all neutered, what will make you angry? you'll have to change the blog title to "mildly annoyed yet still ignorant" or something.

Pat said...

i'm sure thats an easily solved problem. the whole israel/palestine thing is pretty infuriating.

also i hear that obama's transportation guy is also named Chu. so if he and this Chu get together to build a green railway system in the US, it would naturally be the Chu-Chu Train. love it (my coworker came up with this so sadly i cant take credit)

Adrian said...

Awesome. It could also be a verb. "Are you going to fly?" "Nah I'm going to ChuChu."