Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rudi Guilliani is a bad person

Whatever you think about republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, admit that he sticks to his guns. When he expressed the opinion that the US should stay out of foreign affairs, and that our meddling can result in things like 9/11, Rudi took it upon himself to say that the US was in no way responsible for 9/11, and i think demanded that Ron Paul take his comment back. He didn't, and went on to talk about the CIA's understanding of blowback and gave several examples.

What sort of evil bullshit is that? Rudi's words communicate the following things to me about his ideas:

1) We should continue to do whatever we want abroad, without worrying about the consequences.
2) Instead of analyzing what went wrong to bring about 9/11, we should all just stop thinking about it because it wasn't all fault.

and presumably:
3) Rudi will think about it for us and decide what's best.

he's an authoritarian fuckhead and i very sincerely hope he doesn't get elected.

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Adrian said...

Also see She's from NYC and can't stand Rudy.

Jon Stewart mocked Giuliani: "We can't go to a pre-9/11 mentality. Because pre-9/11, everyone thought I was an asshole."